Women Fashion Taking Retro Look in 2016

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There is nothing more volatile and versatile than women’s mood in picking up the clothes. That is the reason, fashion keeps on changing with the time and if followed closely, old trends keep on rotating after a hiatus. The modern clothing is liked only by youngsters and even they can get attracted to vintage clothing if the sartorial excellence is shown in blending the vintage fashion with the latest trend. Fashion clothing is all about keeping up with the present trend. Designers and characters of the movies are the popular trend-setters that help in rotating the fashion trends again and again.

Vintage coats meant broad stripes, heavy shoulders and dressy sleeves. The jacket in cross-striped pattern with camouflaged pockets is a classic example of vintage coat that is taking centre stage in modern fashion. The detailing in terms of pipe matching with coat material demonstrates the style that can be carried with élan if color combination and cut is chosen correctly. The aristocratic look imparted by the nicely trimmed coat is there to stay. Long coats which were the trademarks of the spies and undercover agents in celluloid screen are making their place in today’s wardrobes too. Plunging neck styles incorporated in the warm linen clothing have formed the perfect cover for dresses like short frocks, bandeau dress and nautical striped dress.

Trends Set for Pricking Hot Summer’ 2016

Soft mint green is sure to catch the attention of soothing color lovers. Clothing meant for summer is all set to dodge the heat away with lots of pastels and creams as the popular color choice for the fabric. Stripes, geometric prints and floral designs are going to be the favorite of style flaunters. Crocheted vests, a concept from the past, is going to be the show stealer. This vest set on cool orange color is going to be another newsmaker in the fashion world. Pyjama like lowers and tunics will help fight the scorching heat and the look will be incomplete without the mention of kitten heels. High heels will be out for some time and comfort will be the main focus of fashion clothing for 2016.

Colors that will Reflect the Mood of 2016

Soothing colors that induce calmness in mind are going to be the pick of the season. Shifting from the natural colors, those colors that are mixture of two or three shades will reflect the innovative ideas brimming in the minds of the designers. Some of the eye-catching colors picked for designing are:

  • Bellflower – shade of purple
  • Cockatoo – blue-green
  • Cabaret – sensual rosy red
  • Sweet lilac – pink-lilac.

All these colors are evidently the mixture of main colors and hence shades that deviate slightly from the main scale are going to be hitting the wardrobes in 2016.

Fabric Choice being Decided for 2016

The ramps are seeing the return of era of 50s and 60s in America. Skirts buffed with glossy leather as waistline are bringing back the memories of authoritative look worn by the ladies in that era. Leather clutches matching with the dress color are complementing the look perfectly. Exposing is taking a backseat with the availability of classy waistbands that are providing very decent look to the whole personality. Still, for those who love to flaunt, a glimpse of midriff will be enough to set the temperatures soaring. Brocade and shiny satins are being chosen for the comfort feel that is quite necessary for the spring of 2016.

Leather over lace, lace over sequins, animal prints inspired by the Victoria Beckham’s style are being chosen to impart the vibrant mood to the dresses meant for special occasions. Fashion clothing is incomplete without the accessories. Clutches, bags, shoes and most importantly sunglasses are oozing the opulence of the vintage period. Size did matter in the golden days and same is becoming the theme of accessories chosen. Ladies love to carry their whole world with them and hence bags are replacing the small purses and clutches in daily routine. Party animals still would love to flaunt stylish clutches designed from the same designer. Over all, opulence and richness in terms of prints are being chosen to perk up the moods in the recession period.