Wearing Your Boyfriend’s T-shirt is a Fashion Statement

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There’s a lot of fun being a girl, and one of which includes fashion. This is not to say that guys cannot have enough explorations and adventures in dressing up. But girls can wear guys’ clothes and look glamorous and sexy. In contrast, guys would look funny or rather insane when clad in women’s dresses, hipsters, short shorts, gowns, leggings, and so on. This being the case, why not be creative in wearing your boyfriend’s shirt?

In this article, learn five different ways of wearing the shirt of your special someone and showcase an awesome fashion statement.

Different Ways You Can Wear Your Boyfriend’s Shirt

1. Off-shoulder

This off-shoulder look will only work if your boyfriend’s shoulders are not skinny and narrow. Of course, the shirt’s neckline has to really be wide for it to go off your shoulders. Any hairstyle would do. When you have this slouchy piece almost seemingly tailored for you, wear it with jeans or leggings with ballet flats. Your top is already loose, so you’d want your bottom to complement the fit

2. Cut Out

For boyfriend shirts that dare to be the spotlight of your outfit, prepare to have it ripped and wear it cut-out. This won’t make your boyfriend recognize that it’s his shirt. The styling trick lies in the effort of making the shirt a structured piece (by the cuts) when it’s really an ordinary piece of shirt.

3. Strapless Top

Who would have thought that a plain oversized button-down shirt can be a strapless, dressy top? This will surely spell a surprise appearance. For chilly nights, you can wear a cardigan or vibrant blazer over it. For the bottom, the best you can have is skinny jeans or a pleated skirt to perfect a girly getup.

4. Skirt

Who’s to say that you can’t transform a shirt into a skirt? Nothing else can scream “fashionista” than a folded boyfriend’s shirt worn as a skirt. You can have a high-waist skirt over a tucked shirt and pair it with cardigan and heels. Your envious friends may wonder where you bought this skirt and teach yourself to keep your lips sealed on this one!

5. Edge Knot

The edge knot is probably the simplest thing to do. You just have to tie the end of the shirt and wear it as it is! Offering versatility in this design is the way you roll up the sleeves and the way you knot is made. You can even shorten the length of the shirt through the tie and show off your navel ring if you have one. If you’re rather conservative, you can let it loose knotted at the waist. Choose patterned shorts or pants to accent your preppy style.

You can choose to rummage your mom or sister’s wardrobe, but you can also opt to find “trendy” clothes from your boyfriend’s closet. Borrow his shirts once in a while and carry it with confidence! Remember, the longer the shirt is, the more you can reinvent ways on how to put it on. Be bold and be you!