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Looking for an affordable online shopping experience? Let's get ready to go for it by visiting Target today. One of the leading online retailers in US, the merchant deals in a variety of products ranging from toys to watches, from gift items to clothing apparels, from footwear to beauty products, from furniture to home appliances, from movies to electronic items and much more.

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Special deals are also offered which give you a brilliant opportunity to choose tons of exciting items for your home or loved ones (please check Target''s “Top Deals” section for more info).

How to Save at Target

1. Look through the ‘Target Finds’ page to see some of the newest trendsetting items on the Target website. Whether you’re looking for some fashion for the newest season or you want to change up your home décor to fit the current holiday, ‘Target Finds’ can help you get it.
2. Target has their own apps available for iOS and Android, so you can access all of Target’s services wherever you happen to be.
3. Check the weekly ad before you go to your closest Target to shop in person. By looking through the Target weekly ad, you can make sure you have everything on your shopping list.

Target Shopping Tips

• Can you make extra savings when you are already at a discount store? With target you can. To start with, spend a few hours just getting to know the layout of the store you plan to use. This will make finding your way around much easier in such a big layout. This will also allow you to know the position of the end-caps. End-caps are the small area at the ends of the aisles where clearance items are kept. They are often hard to spot, but the possible savings are significant.

• Target has its own brand called Up & Up. Before buying anything, check if the Up & Up counterpart is available – you will often find a big difference in the pricing.

• Prices in Target stores change fairly often. Keep a track of what you pay for your regular purchases and when you find that prices have dropped, buy in bulk and save. The lower price may not last long.

• The stores do not offer much in the way of their own coupons, but do not let that put you off. They accept a large variety of manufacturers' coupons so it’s worthwhile to keep track of what is being accepted so you can get hold of the right coupons and save.

• Keep an eye open for their clearance sales which can offer savings of up to 50%. Keep in mind that the mark down and clearance pricing staff do the pricing on a daily basis and since they do not work on weekends, the best deals are available from Mondays to Fridays.

About The Company

Target was founded by a man named George Draper Dayton in 1902. He purchased land on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis, and founded the very first location called Dry Goods Company, today known as Target Corporation. The company was founded on his firm beliefs of having dependable merchandise, fair business practices, and a generous spirit of giving. He was president of his company until he passed away in 1938. His son and grandsons followed in his footsteps and began to grow the company into a nationwide retailer. As you can imagine, they were very successful, and today Target is one of the nation’s largest retailers.