Stylish and Trendy Looks for Curvy Ladies

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Style is universal; there is something for all of us in the vast landscape of fashion, no matter your personal tastes, budget, or body type. Fashion is truly for everyone, and everybody is a good body: I don’t think anyone should feel limited in what they can wear because of their size or shape. No one has a perfect body, not even super models, so we might as well embrace our perfectly imperfect selves. The key to looking amazing no matter your size or shape is all in the fit and flattery: Only wear clothing that fits impeccably, and that flatters your particular shape, and you can’t go wrong.

Fit is perhaps the most important element of any outfit. It doesn’t matter if it’s made from the most luxurious fabric or if it’s the highest quality design; if it does not fit well, it will not look good. Make sure to buy the right size, and pay no attention to the number on the tag; sizing is not an exact science and tends to vary from designer to designer. There should be no bunching or pulling or sagging, and you should be able to move comfortably and easily. Find a good tailor to help alter clothes so they fit your body perfectly; a skilled tailor can work wonders and make the difference between clothes that are just okay, and clothes that are simply dazzling.

If you are of a curvy persuasion, play up your body type! Curves look amazing in feminine silhouettes, and these days, plus size dresses for women can be found in every style, color, fit, and length. Find a fabulous wrap dress with a tie sash to accentuate the waist and play up an hourglass figure.

Make it extra special with an interesting, whimsical print, and you will be right on trend; I am personally in love with watercolor-inspired floral prints and funky, eye-catching graphic prints. Pair a crisp button-up shirt or a knit top with a midi-length circle skirt that skims the knee and swishes with every step you take for a fun, flirty, and undeniably feminine look.

If you want to disguise any problem areas, look for ruching, ruffles, lace or colorful, large patterns. These little extras keep the eye from settling on any single area, helping to create an illusion of underlying smoothness. Another great way to disguise any problem areas is to draw attention to areas you love instead. Not a big fan of your legs? Draw the eye upward to your decolletage with a tasteful v-neck top or a wonderful statement necklace. Layering is another great way to dress up your curves.

In my opinion, nothing looks more put-together and simultaneously relaxed than a great layered look. Colored jeans tucked into boots, a graphic shirt layered underneath an unbuttoned chambray and a belt around the waist, topped with a chunky knit cardigan or a simple denim jacket is an easy way to look fabulous with lots of layers. Dress it up a bit and wear a long cardigan over a knee-length dress with a waist-enhancing belt or sash and colorful heels, or top a figure-flattering wrap dress with a cardigan and a bright scarf.

Don’t forget your accessories! Have fun with statement pieces like oversized rings, bubble necklaces, or layers of necklaces and bracelets. Wear sleek stilletos to lengthen the line of the leg and do not be afraid to carry a large tote or oversized doctor bag to pull your look together. Your style is exactly what you make it, so make it fabulous and fun and uniquely you!