Style is Where Tokyo Is

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Fashion and Japan go and hand in hand. Since the 1980s we have had seen how Tokyo was being considered the trend setter of the country. Even today, the country’s capital city boasts of setting trends in the lives of the Japanese. Every other day, as you pass through the streets, you will find people flaunting attractive clothing styles in vivid colors. The fashion industry settles its eye on Tokyo to come up with a new trend. Tokyo, which homes around dozens of districts, is where you can find exclusive creative forms on accessories and clothing.

If you are one of those fashion enthusiasts who will like to dedicate your time looking for the newest trends in vogue then, this is the place where you should be. People here quickly adapt with the styles they see and hear. In fact they are the ones to come up with anything and everything uncommon in the fashion world. With their fertile minds, the Japanese designers ensure that the trendiest attire is there to fit around your body.

Over the years, the city has managed to steal the glimpse of the stylist. It is where you will become fond of the vivid colors, the bizarre dresses and the weird accessories worn by people who love to keep up pace with the ever evolving trends. The combinations are sometimes poise, sometimes sweet, and sometimes naughty. Besides, settling trends for themselves, fashion designers in Tokyo make sure that the west runs after the creative styles adopted by people here. The latest Japanese fashion trends are outwardly and are a blend of both worlds.

With the flow of time people in Tokyo have revealed the emergence of new trends in the fashion world. The trends are very much seasonal and are quite appealing. Street wear in Japan is inspired from the western hip hop culture with people revealing ravishing screen Tees, military patterned clothing, designer sneakers and more. The western Punk style is well adopted by the Japanese residing here. The slim legged jeans wear, the screen tees, the bizarre make-ups and the weird colored footwear simply signify the merge of the east with west or vice versa.

Or you can just simply refer to the décora trend that entails people to wear attires and accessories in robust colours and weird shapes. The decora style is straight from the heart of Japan; people who fancy heavy make-ups can give it a try.

Oh and why forget the Lolita style? This angelic fashion trend is meant to doll up girls in their teens. The Lolita style is an outburst of the Edwardian and Victorian fashion statements.