Steel a Glance

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Jewelry appeals to the senses; whether it is the sound of chiming trinkets, the shine of eye-catching baubles or the touch of silken metal. We all find ourselves attracted to gleaming objects and dainty things.

So why do you wear jewelry? Are you looking for something to complete your outfit? Do you wear jewelry because it’s the norm? Do you like the drama or is it a matter of taste? Perhaps you just enjoy dressing up, like you did when you were a child.

Whatever the reason, you know you’ve done it right when somebody attempts to steal a glance at your pretty necklace and gleaming jewels. There was a time when jewelry was associated with precious metals and diamonds, but over the years affordable alternatives have created a presence of their own.

Fashion jewelry as it is often referred to, is made with base metals or cheaper metals. These ornaments incorporate shimmering crystals and beads made from a variety of materials such as glass, wood or gemstones.  Sometimes they look as good as high-end jewelry but the truth is they are of a lower quality.

While sterling silver has grown in regard over the years, it still exceeds some people’s budgets. Alternatively, silver plated jewelry is readily available in the market, but it isn’t a wise investment. Electroplating tends to chip away quickly, which means you will have to keep replacing your ornaments.

These days stainless steel is used in jewelry making. As you may have guessed, it is stainless, rather corrosion-resistant. This metal retains the pure charm and white tinge of silver, but it is durable and affordable. Especially popular is the stainless steel chain, it comes in a range of styles and it is sold by the foot at wholesale shops.

Jewelry chains differ with respect to their patterns. They are made by interlocking links in inventive ways. The cable chain, the curb chain, the ball chain and the tube ball chain are the most desired patterns. They are simple but elegant, in fact they are so unassuming that they can be worn by men too.

The stainless steel chain is an androgynous accessory. It can be worn on its own, or bejeweled with beads and pendants. It is also used to make lariats and bracelets. It has a reflective sheen, sophisticated and extravagant. You will also find brooches and earrings that employ stainless steel chains.

Steel is an interesting element to add to your wardrobe because you don’t need to fuss about it. It can be stored away in a Ziploc bag and it can be worn all day. Men don’t have to worry about their lifestyles ruining their jewelry, in fact men never really worry about it, so it’s best for them to own jewelry made from stainless steel.

A common concern when wearing necklaces and chains is perspiration around the nape of the neck. A stainless steel chain is unaffected by sweat and moisture; that is why fashion jewelry made from stainless steel is much better than jewelry made from base metals.

If you are interested in purchasing stainless steel chains, you can buy them in bulk over the internet. Most stores online will offer them to you at reasonable prices; although you can buy them at better rates from jewelry supply stores.

If you have figured out why you wear jewelry, you have also by now understood that stainless steel is versatile enough to match your every reason. It can stand in for what’s missing; it can blend in if it must; it can glare at you dramatically and it can be quite demure.