Proposing: How to do it Right

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You love this girl, and you don’t want to do it wrong. The moment has to be perfect. Who knows, it might help to sway her in your favor by giving her confidence that you really know her. Here is how you propose the right way.

Make sure it is the right time:

There is nothing worse than proposing to a girl who doesn’t feel the same way about you. You will face possible rejection if you are too quick to propose. Even if you love the girl a lot, it is still pointless. She must love you as well, if she is going to say yes. Ideally, you want to know the answer before you propose. Make sure that she has told you that she loves you and that she is happy when she is with you. Try proposing during a romantic date, and make sure she is having a good time during the date. She is more likely to say yes if she is having a good time. This is a memorable moment in her life, so try to make it unforgettable. The point is, if it isn’t the right time for her she may say no, even if she thinks she might say yes sometime down the road.

Make sure the ring is the perfect choice

Having the right ring is a big deal. If you don’t agree, try talking to a group of women about rings. They will tell you otherwise. Make sure to pick the style of ring that your girlfriend will be happy to wear – forever. If she usually has gold rings, think about getting her one that is similar. If you are wondering about her ring size, try taking one of her current rings and imprinting it in some soap so you can bring in the imprint to the jeweler. If she is a girl that prides herself on being different, maybe try a ring style that is unique to her. There is a great place that sells rings in Dallas, TX, that also sells rings online that you can check out for some ideas.

Plan the moment

What are you going to do or say? When will you do it? Your girlfriend may enjoy the traditional approach where you take a knee and ask, “Will you marry me?” as you are opening the engagement ring box. Another traditional approach is to propose during a dinner outing.  And yet another common way to propose is during a party, asking everyone to be quiet for a moment while you ask her to marry you.

Or, you might try to be more creative and unique. After all, this is a day that will change her life … provided she says yes. Try to be as creative as possible, even if there are still some elements of the traditional approach involved. Some examples of creative ways to propose could be to propose at the top of a Ferris-wheel, at the very first place you met or had a date, or even randomly on the side of a street (she might be very surprised).

The best place to propose is where she is happy and having fun with you.

What will you say during the proposal? Obviously, you want to ask her to marry you. You want to show her that you love her and you should probably tell her so. A great way to show it is by leading into the proposal with a short story about how you fell in love with her. You may also want to tell her why you love her. Be natural, don’t rehearse it too much. Let the proposal flow. Remember, this isn’t the time to persuade her, you should already know that she will say yes to you.


If you did it right and you didn’t jump the gun, you will be engaged and on your way to be married to the girl you love.