Nu Skin’s ageLOC TR90 System (Explained)

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As the rates of the obesity epidemic have skyrocketed, millions of people find themselves in a difficult situation where they need to lose weight in order to restore their health and body image.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of obesity in 2018 reached 42.4%, which accounts for over 138 million Americans.

This number only emphasizes the seriousness of this problem, as obesity is a major factor for several medical conditions, including coronary artery disease (CAD), chronic blood hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

However, losing weight is not always easy!

For instance, some people achieve impressive progress in their weight loss journey in the first few weeks; however, after months of dieting and/or exercising, it seems like they’ve hit a plateau, and losing weight is simply not occurring.

What’s going on?

The reason weight loss slows down or stops is multi-factorial and could be caused by a low-intensity exercise routine, overestimating your caloric expenditure during workouts, and repeated cheating on your diet.

The solution to this issue resides within the ageLOC® TR90™ weight management system, which is the main topic of this article.

How Does Tr90 Cause Weight Loss?

The ageLOC® TR90™ system is a comprehensive approach to the process of weight loss, which aims to modify the corporal composition (e.g., adipose tissues, muscle mass) to enhance body image rather than decrease your overall weight. This system focuses on three major pillars:

Healthy Metabolism

Metabolism plays a major role in how fast we gain or lose weight. The primary parameter that controls this process is the resting metabolic rate (RMR), which corresponds to the number of calories consumed by your body if you stay in bed all day.

This parameter is subject to numerous factors, including age, gender, body type, diet, lean muscle mass, degree of physical activity, and genetics.

The good news is that the ageLOC® TR90™ system incorporates healthy dietary choices (e.g., food, supplements) and physical activity to boost RMR and drastically increase weight loss.

Lean Muscle Mass

By creating an exercise routine tailored to your body’s characteristics and adding innovative supplementary products to your diet, the ageLOC® TR90™ system showed impressive results in maintaining and increasing lean muscle mass, which inevitably leads to more calories, as the RMR increases. This step is crucial in changing body image and composition.

Appetite Control

The control of appetite by regulating the secretion of hunger-suppressing hormones (e.g., ghrelin, leptin) is extremely important if you’re trying to lose weight.

The ageLOC® TR90™ system incorporates a simple, healthy diet that keeps the stomach full for longer periods of time, which suppresses hunger sensations, creates a state of caloric deficit, and accelerates weight loss.

In fact, some people reported seeing results in as little as 15 days after starting the ageLOC® TR90™ weight loss management system.

Takeaway Message

The ageLOC® TR90™ weight loss system has helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals by providing them with practical steps to take without giving unrealistic expectations, such as “eat whatever you want without exercising while you witness the pounds melt off.”

Hopefully, this article helped shed some light on the mechanisms that make this system effective.