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As the word goes, New York is the capital of the world—not politically, of course, but definitely from a cultural and artistic standpoint. To put it in a nutshell, if it’s important, New York knows about it. It doesn’t care, because New York is too cool to actually care about anything, but it knows, and chances are it first happened there. This particularly applies to style and fashion, be it male or female. Many around the world have tried to emulate the unique New York style of dressing, to various degrees of success. If you (or your man) want to achieve that effortlessly cool look, read on for tips and pointers on how to quickly put together a New York-inspired outfit.

Don’t worry about cost: New York street style is not about impressing anyone with the brand names you’re wearing. It’s about standing out from the crowd as an individual, while also sticking true to your own personal beliefs, values and principles. This fashion aesthetic has been illustrated time and again by such famous brands and labels as Only NY clothing, and is easy to emulate, irrespective of the corner of the world you physically inhabit. New York is a state of mind.

Making It Look Effortless

The key to New York coolness in male fashion is to make it look genuinely effortless, simple to put together and comfortable. New York is a busy city with millions of busy professionals roaming its streets, day in and day out. Remember, it’s the city that never sleeps! As such, if you’re going for a streetwise look, you’ll want it to seem as if you just grabbed the first things you saw in the dresser in the morning—without actually doing that, of course! It’s all about denim jeans and loose fitted t-shirts with either ironic slogans or big, bold funky prints. It’s all about looking casual, yet clean and sophisticated.

Never Overdo It

If there’s one thing New York male fashion frowns upon is outfits which give off the impression they were purposely put together so as to impress. Once more, if street style, graffiti and skating are your cup of tea, then you will want to adhere to the beliefs of those communities. You’ll see graffiti artists and skaters sporting the occasional cap, a messenger bag or backpack, a cool wallet and a nice belt—but that’s about it! Wear a wristband or a big, simple ring if you’re into bling, but don’t ladle on the gold or platinum. That, too, can be New York and street, but it’s cliché and refers to other subcultures.

Keep It Timeless

Take a walk in New York today, then check out pictures of what people wore three decades ago. You’ll notice that, even though styles have changed, and will continue to do so, the essence remains the same. It’s all about the attitude underneath the clothes. Assort your baggy jeans and ultra-cool solid color hoodie with an attitude that sub-communicates your self-confidence, open nature and free spirit. It won’t matter what you wear after that. You will fit in on any New York street better than a native!