How to Look Good for Less

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If you think that you missed your chance to cash in on the hottest deals of the season, think again. With the holidays past and the push for department stores to introduce this year’s spring fashion lines, Black Friday was not the only day to get that much wanted item for half of the price.

In fact, studies suggest that black Friday deals aren’t deals at all. Since the hype surrounding the holidays is now over, splurging on yourself may seem like a must to keep, or regain your sanity. Here are a few tricks to keep in mind on how to look your best without emptying your wallet on the hefty price tag of those must-have items.

Take advantage of the weekly sale paper: Although times are changing for print magazines with a switch to digital information, now is the time to take advantage of sales happening at your favorite stores.

From the SundaySaver to weekly ads in the local newspaper, clipping coupons is totally worth the time and hassle. Newspaper coupons are typically the first step that large companies take to push products off of store shelves.

Shop online: Google Shopping is a tool that some people are still unaware of. Take caution, this tip of advice might blow your mind. Here’s how to get the best deal online or in stores. All you have to do is know the product name or sku.

If you are looking for the best deal on that must-have pair of jeans, type into your search browser and select the “more” drop-down, choose “shopping” and type in the brand name or sku of the product if you have it on hand. Google Shopping will show a list of items similar to your search and stores online where you can purchase the product at the best possible price. This is one of the best online pricing comparison tools.

Don’t fall for it: Not all of us are mathematicians and when shopping for a great deal online or in stores, even those who are great at calculations become victims of common marketing scams. According to a TIME news article, consumers prefer to get more than to pay less simply because they are bad at math—which can cost more in the long-run.Renew. Reuse. Recycle: Believe it or not, this slogan can be used to describe your wardrobe and for fashion-forward individuals, this is a motto to live by. One of the best ways to earn a little extra cash is to sell your unwanted or unused clothes. The Goodwill offers tax write-offs for every donation and the Salvation Army will give you cash.

Vintage clothing is making a comeback so spending a few minutes browsing the store will definitely be worth the extra time if you find that discounted gem in the rough.Out of season: A great way to save on items that you really want is to buy out of season. Department stores have a very high turnaround and often switch-out clothing at a rapid rate. The winter months might seem like an eternity but the reality is that spring clothing will begin to appear in stores no later than February. Mark your calendars and get ready to spend less on once-expensive winter clothes that will be severely discounted.