How to Look Lavishing in Cat Eye Makeup

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Most people are familiar with the cultural heritage from the ancient civilization in Egypt, where it was easier to recognize the pharaohs from their eye-catching expressive cat eye makeup. Cat eye makeup gained global popularity from being characterized with precisely drawn arrows. Since cat eye makeup has become the favorite of every woman, it is not surprising that the trend in this style is an indication of independent character and strength of the feline beauty lovers. If you would like to look lavishing in cat eye makeup, read on to find how you can instantly highlight your feline personality on your special occasion looks.


To enable you carry out a flawless cat eye makeup, you need the following tools and portion, plus application skill as indicated in the cosmetic products:

  • Makeup base, concealer and foundation
  • Eye primer
  • Eyebrow kit
  • Blush and bronzer
  • Black mascara
  • Black eyeliner
  • No wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.
  • False eyelashes
  • Glitter and glitter glue
  • Makeup brushes
  • Eye shadows in black, brown and champagne

Choosing Eye shadow Color

There are no rules in selecting your eye shadow colors for your cat eye makeup style. All you should do is pick shades that match your skin features and preferences, such as the eyes and skin tone. For best results, choose eye shadows that features various hues of the same color. For this makeup style, you must have mascara and black eyeliner. It is recommendable to use more natural eye shadow tones in order to create a harmonious balance on your lip color as well as the expressive black arrows to be drawn.

First Step

Starting from the base, apply the makeup primer followed by a foundation soon after cleansing your face. Using a blush and bronzer, sculpt your face to come up with a basis for lavishing cat eye makeup style. Using a brow kit, shape up your eyebrows to your preferred style, before moving on to the next step.

Second Step

You should now work on your lids for the eye makeup by applying an eye primer. Use a medium brown tone at the central parts of your lids for the lavish look. Proceed and apply a shimmery champagne on your entire mobile lid. Next, use the glitter glue and some glitter on the central part of your lid.

Third Step

Trace a thin wing starting from the end of your eyes and then apply black eyeliner close to your lash line. Using the black eye shadow, blend the outer edges of your wing and then apply the same eyeliner to your waterline. To enhance the cat eye appearance, highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

Fourth Step

This is the right time to blend the brown and black eye shadows to your lower lids. Next, apply the black mascara to help your makeup stay intact for longer hours. If you want to get a more glamorous and lavish look, use false eyelashes.

Fifth Step

Being the final step, you should crown your lavishing cat eye makeup by applying a dark red lipstick

Additional Tips

One of the most important tricks in achieving a lavishing cat eye makeup look is by drawing your liner in an upward direction slightly over or just at the end of your natural lash line. You should also tilt your liner downward and then onto your lower lash line. This is a tricky part because most people get used to going upward.

You should always start with a thin line and get it thicker towards the end. You can draw a semi-circle starting from the end about halfway across your lids and then smooth it out to form a gradual arch.

In choosing your cat-eye liner, select the one that fits the depth of your crease and shape of your eyes. You may be required to experiment a bit to find the best shape and thickness that work for you.

You should avoid pulling your skin when drawing. Pulling may seem like a good idea in easing your drawing, but it can create bad illusions depending on how you are pulling. You might misjudge on whether your flick is going higher or straighter than it should be.


Even if you are not an expert or your hands are not crafty, you can still get the lavishing cat eye makeup look using simple steps and the right tools. It can be challenging at first, but you will become more familiar with the style as you get more experience. It is always advisable to do the lavish cat eye makeup in front of a mirror and natural light in order to get the most ideal look. Remember that cat eye makeup style is for the bold and confident girls who want to look allure and awe everyone around with their lavish chic look. Give it a trial if you are one of them!