Burlesque Fashion Making it in The Mainstream

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Vintage fashion has been popular for a while now, but there are some trends within this movement that are particularly interesting. The rise of burlesque and burlesque fashion is one of these.First off, what is it? Burlesque isn’t stripping. It might be a little bit sexy but it’s all about the fun. Most dancers are amateur and they get up on stage because they enjoy it and find it empowering, not to please anyone else. In the average burlesque audience you’ll find a lot of women and gay men of all ages and a few straight guys too.

Lately the surge in burlesque classes and amateur shows has been given a huge boost by Hollywood movies- not just Moulin Rouge but also the more recent Christina Aguilera blockbuster.

As for the outfits, think Moulin Rouge, Cabaret, Gilbert and Sullivan musicals- corsets, fascinators, fishnet stockings, and feather boas. Most importantly, every burlesque costume should be topped off with a cheeky grin.Fascinating fascinators Take away the hat and leave the frills, feathers, buttons and decorative touches, and you’ve got a fascinator. They were popular in the 1920s and are now making a huge comeback thanks to the wonderful world of burlesque. Not everyone is a fan though- the Queen of England famously insisted on banning fascinators from her presence at the Royal Ascot races, insisting that women wear hats instead. Still, the Queen isn’t necessarily the best choice of fashion guru!

Fascinators are now popping up all over the mainstream, from haute couture catwalks to pubs and clubs around the world. They’re cheap, easy to wear, and will spice up even the plainest outfit. They’re also not so popular they you won’t stand out from the crowd wearing one, which is an even bigger fashion bonus.Corset dresses Far from the staid and uncomfortable Victorian corsets of the past, modern corset dresses are comfortable and supportive, particularly for women with fuller figures.

Some have a vintage look and some are more forward looking. While the models with tutu-style skirts are more suitable for dance routines and Halloween than evening wear, there are also plenty of haute couture corset dresses out there. Think beautifully sculpted bodices and long flowing skirts.Real stockings There is a world of difference between a pair of cheap nylon tights and real silk stockings, held up with suspenders. One is commonplace and the other a sure-fire fashion sizzler. They may cost a little more and be a more difficult to take care of, but authentic stockings can make any outfit look (and certainly feel) more sophisticated.