Best Red Carpet Jewelry of All the Time

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When they’re expected to walk down the red carpet at one of the most important events of the year, it’s impossible for an A-List celebrity to be seen without priceless red carpet jewelry. Yet, with over a century of Hollywood glamour to choose from, which red carpet jewelry have proven to be the most memorable of all time?

There are many diamonds and exquisite jewels that have stolen the show throughout the years, but these three of them prove that not just any of the red carpet jewelry will do: Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Academy Awards:Who could ever forget the breathtakingly beautiful Lorraine Schwartz Emeralds that Angelina Jolie wore to the 2009 Academy Awards? She proved for a certainty, that less is indeed more. Wearing a simple sweetheart gown made by ELLIE SAAB, her $2.5M emerald pear drop earrings and ring gave her simple look a pop of vibrancy. Though she may not have won the award for Best Actress that night, Angelina Jolie definitely won the award for Best Jewelry on an Actress. Just days after the red carpet event, replicas of these beautiful earrings bombarded the internet. Three years later, people still clamor for just a taste of red carpet elegance, Angelina Jolie style!

Gloria Stuart and the Harry Winston Necklace:Our hearts still go on and on when we think of the historic Harry Winston diamond necklace worth over $20 million dollars worn by Titanic veteran, Gloria Stuart. Stuart stole the show that night, beating out Celine Dion’s “Heart of the Ocean” replica worth $2.2 million dollars. Rose may have thrown her diamond overboard at the end of Titanic, but we can only imagine that it must not have been easy to part with such a treasured red carpet jewelry that continues to win our hearts again and again.

Elizabeth Taylor at the 1970 Academy Awards:

And last, but certainly not least, the all time winner for best red carpet jewelry goes to Elizabeth Taylor! To this day, no one has ever been able to take the place of Miss Taylor’s jaw-dropping appearance at the 1970 Academy Awards. While so many actresses wear expensive jewels loaned to them from a variety of well known jewelers, Elizabeth Taylor proved that she was a true goddess of the Hollywood era by arriving with her own personal 69 Karat drop pendant necklace. Regarding the necklace, Elizabeth said, “Originally, I wore the diamond as a ring, but even for me it was too big, so we had CARTIER (a renowned french jeweler) designed necklace”.

Later named the Burton-Taylor Diamond, Elizabeth Taylor proved that bigger is better. And to think she did it all with such simplicity and grace, something that actresses continue to try to recreate to this day. Though we may never wear diamonds as expensive as those of our favorite celebrities, year after year we continue to be impressed with their senses of style and elegance. still such sparkling and stunning red carpet jewelry make most of the women drool.