10 Wardrobe Items Every Fresher Needs

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Young people up and down the country are currently preparing to start a new life as a student. While parents may be preoccupied with ensuring that soon-to-be-students have all the necessary essentials, for many freshers, finding their own student style is an important part of this time of transition.

Student life is a period of adjustment, when you move from being a school or college pupil to being an independent adult. Finding your trademark look is all part of this evolution.  The key to creating a student wardrobe that will work is to ensure that the basics are in place at the beginning. Money might be short as the terms tick over, so investing in a few staple items at this stage is a good idea, as these can be changed up with the clever use of accessories as fashions evolve. If you are heading off to university this year then the ten must-have items for your wardrobe are:


these are a student staple and possibly the most important item of wardrobe for those heading off to university. Invest in a few different pairs in varied colours and cuts. Try and ensure that a couple of pairs are a classic cut since highly fashionable cuts may have a shorter shelf life.


A small selection of classic style trousers or skirts can be used for formal or casual wear depending on how you style them.

Fitted T-Shirts

becoming a student is about taking a step past your teen style, so abandon baggy shapeless Ts in favour of a more streamlined style.

Tailored shirts

a couple of smart shirts can really help make a wardrobe more mature. These can be dressed up for official events and interviews or down for daily use.

Nifty Knitwear

Halls of residence and student digs are notorious for their lack of warmth, so choosing pieces of knitwear is a great way to make sure your will be cosy while still retaining some style. Consider a couple of classic cardigans from somewhere like Monsoon or a number of other discount places, which can be teamed with Ts or shirts to create different styles.

Stylish Sweats

If you are planning on trying out for sports teams or making use of the fitness facilities as a fresher, you will want some sportswear you can sport with style. This is also good for lounging with friends in the evenings.

Perfect PJs

While up until now mum and dad may have been the only people to see your nightwear, the student environment means your pyjamas are likely to become more public! Choose modest designs you will be able to wear in communal areas.

Something Special

Students love to socialise so ensure you have at least one special outfit such as a nice dress or smart suit to wear for events such as the Freshers Ball. Choosing a classic style and adding accessories can extend the shelf life of your outfit.

Selection of Shoes

You will need shoes for all weathers. A good starter selection includes a pair of trainers, smart heeled boots and some sandals.


A great selection of hats, scarves and bags will allow you to add a little bit of personal flair to all your outfits as a fresher.