5 Tips to Framing a Large Face

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Those of us with big heads know what it feels like to be squeezed into small sized frames. The headaches alone make it almost unbearable to wear anything, regardless of what your eye doctor has prescribed. It’s time to say goodbye to the tightness around your brain and the headaches that plague you! This article will explain exactly how you can choose the perfect frames to fit your bigger-than-most head with five easy to understand tips.

1. Extended Edges: If you’re looking for glasses that will easily fit your head, choose a pair with frames that extend beyond the edge of the lenses. The more room between the arms of the eyeglasses, the more room there will be for your head. In most cases, wire-frames will not be your friend. By choosing wide frames around the lenses, the arms are less likely to press into your temples.

2. Choose Spring Hinges: Frames that have spring hinges are definitely a good choice for large-sized heads. The more spring in the hinges, the more room there will be for you to fit between them. Spring hinges allow for the arms to expand, pushing them farther away from your temples and relieving the pressure we’ve grown so accustomed to living with.

3. Go Flexible: When shopping for frames, choose a pair that is made from flexible material. These frames will fit with the shape of your head rather than working against it. Not only are flexible frames more comfortable to wear as they reduce pressure against the head, but they are often more durable than traditional frames.

4. Outward Curving Arms: It doesn’t take a genius to figure that, if the arms of your frames are straight, they will be likely to press against your temples; however, it’s something that we rarely take the time to consider. To best protect your head against the usual pressure, choose frames with outward curving arms which will curve away from your temples.

5. Don’t Settle: When looking for frames that will fit your large-sized head, don’t feel trapped into purchasing the first thing that comes your way. There are hundreds of stores available and, with the help of the internet, finding the perfect pair of frames has never been easier. In many cases, frame measurements can help you in your search. The right frames do exist; you just have to find them!

By taking the time to consider all your options and shop around for the right frames, wearing eyeglasses no longer has to be a painful experience for those of us with large heads. Say goodbye to headaches and pressure against your temples, and look for stylish frames which will give you the benefits you want without the pain. Don’t hate your large noggin because of tight-fitting frames! Instead, embrace your unique and obviously brainy head, and choose a pair of frames which won’t cause you pain. Seeing shouldn’t hurt, so don’t choose frames that do.